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Intern stories edition 05

APRIL 30, 2018


Past weeks I’ve been busy with various small projects for SLV and DVV.
Lately I have been working more independent. I joined several meetings with clients were the client himself gave me a briefing instead of Tim, and I had contact by phone and email with the client myself.

For SLV I have made several print advertisements for their mobile app and a folder to explain their workflow to the their clients. Next to these advertisements I designed a website where clients can order “The Big White SLV Catalogue” and choose a free goodie. I’ve noticed that UI/UX is no problem for me at all, but for print on the other side I need a lot more effort to get a good result. Definitely a weakness for me as a designer.

DVV is working on a website where DVV consultants can book a DVV coffee bar for their event. I joined the meeting for this project and afterwards I sent the designs to the client and received feedback over the phone. The designs for this project in the mean time are done and one of my colleagues is busy building this website.

The fact that I’ve been joining several meetings lately and working more independent makes me feel more valuable as a designer and intern. I don’t feel like I’m an intern anymore, but a full-fledged colleague and graphic designer.