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Intern stories edition 03

MARCH 21, 2018


The past two weeks I’ve been very busy with three projects. All three projects were online platforms. The platforms I designed were for Portolani, Prima LNG & SLV Belgium.

First client, Portolani, is specialised in giving financial advise to entrepreneurial families. They wanted a platform where there clients can access all their files and other shared financial files. It wasn’t an easy project to design. Portolani has a very serious look so it wasn’t easy to come up with a crispy design. At first I struggled with the design, but after some feedback from Tim I managed to come up with a good design that fits Portolani’s look.

Second client, The platform for Prima was also data-based. They want a platform that allows them to share files with colleagues as well as manage projects like in Trello and chat with each other. I went to the meeting with Prima with Tim and Jan where I presented my designs for the client myself. Overall the client’s first impressions were positive.


Third client, SLV Belgium, is a company that is specialised in lighting. They needed a platform where their clients can register their lighting projects so they can advise and deliver the needed lighting material.


The past weeks were very busy and my ui/ux design skills were put to the test once again. I’m already noticing that my ui/ux design is getting better and better by the day.